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I offer hypnotherapy to change a specific problem in your life. 

Most issues take 1 or 2 sessions to resolve permanently. However, in the case where an issue requires additional sessions to fully resolve as agreed, any additional sessions required will be free of charge.

Please book a free 15 minute hypno consultation to have a voice or video chat about your issue, and what I can offer.

Check the list below for examples of things I can help with.

This is just a small selection of examples. This is not an exhaustive list. 

We can change ANY behaviour / thoughts / feelings / patterns that you want. The only condition is, the changes we make need to be SAFE for you, and support your well-being (health).


quitting smoking

weight loss


healthy food / eating / drinking habits

stage fright

self confidence

phobias and fears


panic attacks

pain management

health conditions



limiting beliefs

overcoming / releasing blocks

public speaking

pathological demand avoidance 

nail biting

Sessions are anywhere from 45-75 minutes long. It includes consultation followed by a hypnotherapy session where I guide you into a state of relaxation where all change is possible. This process varies in length, from person to person, which is why the session time varies. The results are lasting, and reinforce over time.

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"In Order to Love Who You Are, You Cannot Hate the Experiences That Shaped You." - Andrea Dykstra

Hello, and thanks for your interest in my coaching services! I would love to hear from you and answer any questions about how I can help you create the life you want. Please use the contact form below, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Let's start this transformative journey towards self-love and personal growth together!