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Imagine if Michelangelo had worked on a MILLION paintings AT THE SAME TIME. Suppose that whenever he went to work on a painting, he would get drawn into first trying to decide which of the million paintings (his works in progress) to work on. 

And suppose that IF HE EVER was ACTUALLY ABLE TO CHOOSE one and work on it, that decision would only be solid for a few minutes or a half hour or an hour, or maybe even a day, before he would suddenly feel ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that he needed to work on A DIFFERENT PAINTING. 

He could easily have spent his entire life without finishing even one painting. Not for lack of talent. But because he was unable to choose a track and stay on it.

Your problem isn't a lack of ability. It's a SURPLUS OF ABILITY.

Your problem isn't a deficit of attention. It's a SURPLUS OF ATTENTION.

You have WAY TOO MANY: thoughts ... interests ... things you want to do ... things that draw your attention ... things that seem IMPORTANT. 

And when you try to whittle down the multitude of interests, you find they're like gremlins ... each thought spawns a dozen more thoughts, until very quickly you have spread yourself waaaaaaay too thin to work on anything effectively.

Of course, in the midst of this immense distractibility, you've got intense spells of hyperfocus. If you're lucky, coincidentally, your hyperfocus might align with some really cool outcomes. You might make some very cool things. And if you're astronomically lucky, those cool things will be monetisable and useful for actual grown up life in a Neurotypical world.

Most of us ND people, whether ADHD or AuDHD are not so lucky.

That's my experience, anyway.

If the above resonates with you, and if you are overwhelmed from day-to-day with JUST SURVIVING, and you are struggling to make significant progress on ANY AREA of your life, and if you are fed up with struggling every day, and you are READY TO TRY SOMETHING NEW, and you KNOW DEEP DOWN that there is something within you that isn't fully expressing, but WANTS FULL EXPRESSION, then let's chat about the possibility of working together. 

I am here to create the space and boundaries you need in order to find CLARITY about what you want, and find the POWER to CONSISTENTLY MOVE TOWARDS WHAT YOU WANT, IN A WAY THAT WAS NOT POSSIBLE FOR YOU UP TO NOW.

I understand how impossible it can be to FIND CLARITY, and then STAY CONNECTED TO THAT CLARITY, when your brain is flooded continuously with thoughts and ideas and arguments and feelings that seem absolutely compelling IN THE MOMENT.

And that is EXACTLY what I can help you with, if you want. 

I have been on this journey myself, searching with all my might for clarity, but getting buried by my own incredibly convincing thoughts that I need to explore a million other things.

For years I looked for help, for a blueprint, for a method, for support, to help me to just COPE. It was baffling. None of the tried-and-tested materials worked for me. I wanted to change, I knew I was smart and capable. I knew I could work hard. So why was I so stuck and overwhelmed? Why did nothing work?

I didn't have the slightest clue about the way my brain was Neurodivergent until I was 45. I didn't get diagnosed with ADHD until I was 48. And suddenly everything made sense. My whole life. Why I did the things I did. Why I found certain things impossible. 

I didn't find the support and help I needed in all the places I looked because all those solutions were made for Neurotypical ways of working. They completely failed to address what I actually needed in order to thrive.

I want you to thrive. I am currently offering one-to-one weekly coaching sessions for £100 for a small number of clients, but if that is not possible for you due to the way your ND symptoms have impacted your finances, but you are keen to work with me, please do get in touch to chat. I would love to help if I can. 

So if this resonates with you, please book a Free Coaching Consultation using the link below. Let's chat!

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"In Order to Love Who You Are, You Cannot Hate the Experiences That Shaped You." - Andrea Dykstra

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