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Recommended by 6 people
Recommended by 6 people
I have a better relationship with sleep thanks to LeeSun's coaching. That made me more open to the benefits of the specific tactics she taught and...  Read more
May 23, 2024
With Collaboration
Dear Leesun Music ( I love it😉) thank you for the session , It is so valuable when some work I done before serve to go through some old locked...  Read more
May 21, 2024
Diana Launay
I had a great experience working with LeeSun recently. She was very attentive right from our first conversation, and the questions she asked me...  Read more
Apr 1, 2024
Nick Bolger
Definitely the best person I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I’ve gotten more from 2 sessions with LeeSun than i got from years of therapy....  Read more
Mar 13, 2024
Ryan Fleming
LeeSun - you've made me into a different person - I am sooo chilled . . . . Well, for me! I would love to do more work with you - I'm really...  Read more
Mar 7, 2024
I have had a few therapy sessions with LeeSun and i am amazed at her unique approach and how I’ve felt since my first session! (Amazing) Not only...  Read more
Feb 1, 2024
Jasmin clayton

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